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Our Consultants

  • About the Concept

    Operational Risk Mentoring is a concept that is being developed into reality by Peter Standish.  After many years of working in and consulting to industry on the identification, control and management of risk pathways through consulting to over 30 major companies Peter is keen to help clients do it better.  There are a number of other professionals who are affiliated with Operational Risk Mentoring – and the most appropriate professional available will be the person who will work with your team.

  • Peter Standish

    Peter brings an interesting mix of formal training, practical consulting and business management to every task he does. With a PhD and Diploma of Business Management on top of a Degree in Engineering you can be assured that the approach applied to any work undertaken will be science based and practical.

    Some of the approaches that Peter has been involved in and is keen to share come from work on Major Projects and Investigation of Significant Losses.   There are some techniques that work – and others that end up consuming a lot of decision maker time and effort without producing much in the way of rewards.  Peter has spent time identifying and implementing the best of these techniques – and is continually improving a suite of tools that help organizations identify their risk pathways – what causes losses and how to prevent them.

    Peter also has skills in the area of implementing new Plant across the complete life cycle – from the Design phase through Manufacture, Introduction to Site, Operation, Maintenance, Overhaul then to Disposal.

    In working with teams – Peter has been applying scientific method and emerging techniques from the neuroscience “space” that can produce some great results with an achievable level of effort from the business.

    Peter’s main “niche” is applying good science and tested & sound facilitation approaches to work with teams of personnel in organizations to achieve the best possible outcomes in their businesses.

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