Case Study – Developing a Robust and Interactive HSMS This is a copy of a presentation given at a CPD session of the Mine Managers Association of Australia held at Caves Beach in June 2018.  The presentation was put together by John Bowen (Ditchfield Mining) and Peter Standish (OpRM) to share an update on the build of a Health and Safety Management System using an online database system (Risk Mentor or RM) that has features including:

  • Applying New Control (after the ICMM Critical Control methodology) to generate the required activities which should form the elements of the Health and Safety Management System (HSMS)
  • Developing links between the control support activities (those business inputs needed to avoid losing control and suffering an unwanted incident outcome) and the various instruments that push requirements onto the business (for example client HSMS elements, statute – acts and regulations, and other external standards)
  • Dashboards for supervisors and other users of the system that allow them to quickly access the information they need to make better decisions on the ground, and
  • Ability to generate documents that are built from the single sources of truth – the control support activities – which avoids incoherence in these system documents.  Management plans, position descriptions/requirements and audit responses are all created in this way.

buy cipro uk A PDF of the presentation is available on this link – and a screenshot video is in preparation…

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