follow url This post is for the engineers and decision makers in businesses who are acquiring and / or managing plant.  I’m using the legal definition for plant here – so it covers “any machinery, application or appliance” – which pretty much means most everything! parentli.attr(href There area a key set of requirements set down in Australian (and International) statute which address what is needed to achieve Safe (and compliant) plant.  Duties are set for Designers, Manufacturers, Importers, Providers and End Users – with a hierarchy inferred that if the requirements of the group before aren’t met – that it is the responsibility of the current holder of the plant to “infill” the missing information.

buy flagyl/generic metronidazole The three key areas to consider – and which underpin all of the life cycle phase documents needed to demonstrate compliance and avoid incidents are:

  • Contributing Requirements;
  • Key Elements, and;
  • Implementation Processes (Putting it All Together).

Each of these key areas should be represented in the documentation held in a plant dossier – which covers off the life cycle phases of any item of plant.  The quantity, level of rigour and scope of the documentation will vary according to the nature of the plant – but the life cycle phases and the types of information needed in the three key areas are summarised in the following embedded presentation.  You can access the detailed paper which gives all of the requirements and a cross map to statutory conformance (for Australian businesses) at the Plant Dossier detail page.


There is a checklist available that we’ve put together as well.  Please register to receive our updates – and you’ll have instant access to the PDF which details suggested contents of a Plant Dossier and provides a cross map to Statutory requirements.

    2 replies to "Plant Dossiers – The Three Key Areas that Should be Considered when Acquiring and Introducing Plant to Your Business"

    • Carl Marx

      Hi Peter,
      A very good summary. I also like the style you used in the Video to provide the summary, it helps me understand the context much better.

      All of the best and looking forward to the next one.

      • Peter Standish

        Thanks for that Carl. The piece I was really trying to reinforce was that having the right documentation to accompany the plant / equipment you use on site can make the operational, health and safety outcomes much better. If you follow the links from this Post you can also download a White Paper which has all of the mind map explained and also includes a gap analysis between statutory requirements and plant dossier elements.

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